News | 3 Must-See Temples in Chiang Mai

Tuesday, 3 July 2018

3 Must-See Temples in Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai, situated in Northern Thailand, is 700km north away from the capital city of Bangkok. This historic province is the second largest city in Thailand. Chiang Mai is one of the most popular destinations for both locals and foreigners since there are a lot of magnificent tourist locations and million things to do. Apart from misty mountains, you can be exposed to colorful hill tribes, Thai handicrafts shopping, sensational food tastes and exciting adventurers during your visit in Chiang Mai which will make you feel like you’re reading old history books.

Chiang Mai is an old city dotted with an enormous number of temples (Wat) raised by kings in centuries long past. In the past, building a temple was not just to demonstrate the kings’s devotion but also their power and wealth. Temples, in the past, served as a center of faiths, schools, and hospitals. Nowadays, those temples serve as invaluable bridges to the past, keeping the people linked to the timeless traditions of their ancestors. There are over 300 temples scattering in this city and surrounding countryside, some of which are as old as the city itself. Most temples in Chiang Mai are of the Lanna style and characterized by curved wooden roofs pointing up at the top. Since religion and spirituality are massive characteristics of Thai culture, visiting a temple is a great way to travel like a local. Here’s our rundown of 5 must-see temples in Chiang Mai.


This temple is the most popular landmark of Chiang Mai and one of the most historically and spiritually significant places in Thailand. There are large numbers of locals and foreigners coming to experience the special magic of this holy place. Located up on the mountain, its shining golden stupa is visible from almost anywhere in the city. To reach the 600-year-old golden pagoda at the top, you have to climb up around 300 steps. Also, you can look out on the wonderful city of Chiang Mai from this mountain.


Wat Phra Sing is one of the most revered temples in Thailand and home to Phra Phutthasihing, a Chiang Saen-style Buddha image. The main entrance is guarded by Singhs (lions). Founded in the 14th century, the temple still owns a classic Lanna architecture and lavish decoration, set in the heart of the old city. Luckily, many novice monks study here and are happy to practice their English by sitting and chatting with tourists in the temple gardens.


Located in the suburbs of Chiang Mai at the foot of Doi Suthep Mountain, this tranquil temple is a peaceful spot for your visit which was built in 1297. The name of this temple ‘Wat Umong’ means ‘tunnel temple’, whose name comes from the tunnels that lead you around. Visitors can feed fish, turtles, and ducks in a large pond and enjoy their afternoon in a very natural setting.

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